My therapeutic training and experience is broad, but the approach is highly individualized. My job is to be attuned to the uniqueness of each person. Hence, the way I conduct therapy varies. Some people desire more structure, while others show me the way. In sum, therapy is part science and part healing art. It is music for the spirit, played with a complexity of talents and tempos. My mission, my absolute commitment, is to deepen the beauty of that music – restoring the lost, calm harmony to every client’s life.

Genuine commitment and authentic solutions for children, adolescents, adults, couples, families, and groups:

Lesbian/Bi/Gay issues
Life’s transitions
Long-standing emotional patterns
Parenting concerns
Sexual abuse and trauma

Convenient and affordable

Office hours to fit your schedule — early morning, lunch, late evening
Flexible payment plans
Major credit cards accepted
Usted será cordialmente atendido en su propio idioma

Chicago (312) 222-0575

300 N. State St., Suite 3707, Chicago, IL 60654

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